Ecological Networks & Global Change


Welcome to the Ecological Networks and Global Change research group (EcoNetGC). We investigate the structure, dynamics and functioning of networks of species interactions, and the consequences of different components of global change on them. We study different network types (predator-prey, host-parasitoid, free-living mutualists, and bacterial symbionts and their hosts) and global change components (climate change, habitat loss). To answer our questions we use a multidisciplinar perspective, using concepts, models and techniques from ecology, evolution, physics, genetics, or molecular biology. We adopt an integrative approach, combining mathematical and simulation models, analyses of large datasets, and manipulative experiments on mesocosms.



2 Postdoctoral positions on Theoretical Ecology and Global Change.

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After 5 years of the start of our experiment In Dorset, UK, we have found that, surprisingly, warming increases phytoplankton diversity and productivity. How general this response can be? It all may depend on dispersal... See our paper in PLoS Biology here, and an extensive commentary here.